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night out promotions of Manchester for their EasyTote 12 month Subscription of £180.00. PAYABLE every year. And a further £65 for the printer.




Don't let any one tell you they can tear tickets from a book faster than this system will print one out... talk to me first I will prove it as I have many many times) Most people who say this, are just trying to sell their own products to you and make mony from you doing so over and over again. Or want you to subscribe to a ongoing licence fee. The totetallyeasy system is a one off cost we don't want or need to make ongoing charges to you over and over again as the other one.

To look professional use the professionals If you find cheaper we will beat it that's a PROMISE!

Never have to pay out £40+ per racenight for books of tickets again only having to waste your money on leftover odds and ends. This fully automatic tote & ticket printing on demand system is yours for life for a one off payment no monthly or yearly payments. Just a one time reasonable payment and its yours.

Tickets cost just £1 per race night that's all. And this tote system will pay for itself in no time at all.

No stock to buy, no lugging around loads of ticket books, no more worrying if you have enough or if

You’re going to need to order more.


Customers may order the very latest version by first sending an email to Harry at the email address in white abouve or call 07761080773

If you are one of the over 500 race night operatives that already own a totetallyeasy system and would like to upgrade to my latest version seen by pressing the [SCREEN SHOTS] button at the top.

An admin charge of £35.00 is applicable. Send me an emails statating that you would like to upgrade.


See further down this page for all pricing in blue....


(For people wanting to resell or people who hire out race night packs and want to include this print only tote ticket printing system with their hire pacage.... it is available. If you are interested contacked me. I can personolise it to your company befor sending it to you. [At a very reasonable resellers rate]

The Full ToteTally Version will:

Serve up to 60 tickets a minute,

Compute the bets,

Compute the odds,

Prints out all betting slips as and when ordered,

Personalise printed ticket headings & footers,

Each slip has a unique serial number,

Date and time printed on all tickets,

Prints out a full race night receipt at end of the night,

Automatic ledger entry of every bet taken,

All done in one second a bet,

Computes and prints Forecast bets,

Computes and prints Tri-Cast bets,

Dual Forecast & Tri-Cast Rollovers,

Dual Forecast & Tri-Cast Charity entry,

Compute and print multiple bets on one ticket,

Prints out your business cards on demand,

Allows you to edit in the runners names on tickets,

Allows you to change the profit percentages,

Allows you to edit the betting prices,

Uses the latest thermal print system,

No print media costs cheap to operate,

Costs less than 1p for 12 tickets,

Run with just one tote operative if needed

The latest Thermal Printer. As you can see one long strip if you want or you can have smaller individual tickets

Sold around the world now available in any denomination sterling, dollars, euros or any other by reqest.





Our new thermal printers run on more affordable ticket rolls at around 50p or less, that’s two rolls per large event.

(Big big saveings per event of around £40.) It can Pay for itself in just  1 or 2 race nights.



We recommend the very latest thermal printer available seen above: (I now have a new printer available ask)

It has a much cheaper cost for the replacement thermal rolls than before, available

off the shelf in the UK at 50p a roll.

(If a client wants more than one bet you can give them in one long strip)

Plus the printing speed is twice as fast as any of my older versions at just 1 second a ticket and you get

an average race nights worth of ticket printing for just £1 or less.



The cost of the full ToteTallyEasy System software  is: £180 Licence for life.

This is a one off cost for life. No hidden exstras.


The Thermal Printer abouve is £65 including delivery and a sample roll of paper to get you started.


 Contact details: Harry on 07482313826 or email Harry: totetallyeasy@yahoo.com



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